what are some of the regrets you had as a first time mother?

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Regret buying a manual breast pump and brought it to hospital after giving birth. It doesnt stimulate e boobs well enuff and end up giving baby formula milk right from e start due to super low supply.. Lesson learnt: Invest in e right equipment to get gd results!

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A very good question! Being a mum of two, i regretted being so new to motherhood and just blindly listen to every single advice given to me. Which causes unnecessary stress to me and baby. I felt that i have treated my first child as a guinea pig experiment

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Not being a better mom. the list goes on so much. it's so hard to listen to them sometimes. I wish I could be more patient and not flare up always.

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Not being able to give my son a complete family, but better to do double parenting than for one parent to not care about our existence!

Not staying at home, working shift work, paying attention to my child's milestones.

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believing in in-laws. I should just believe in myself more and be decisive.

That I didn't breastfeed my kids as long as I would have liked.

not choosing mount alvernia hospital