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Hello mommies. I’m a first time mum and would like to know where do you mommies prefer to keep baby clothings? Chest of drawers or just some kids wardrobe? TIA❤️

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Baby clothings I like to buy cheap , cotton material and soft type. ESP infant clothing, (1-3m) no need buy so many. After few months, grow super fast! If you are staying nearby HDB , market may have sell. Like 3 for $10. U can browse around. Other options, q10/shopee/tabao / Uniqlo :) I have both chest drawers and kids Wardobe. If it’s a baby girl, u can hang dresses etc can put extra clothings there. Individual preference :)

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I put my baby's clothes in chest of drawers. One for home clothes. Another for going out clothes. For now baby only wears rompers or onesies so I don't need to hang any clothes and another drawer for diapers. I normally will only upgrade to kids wardrobe when I have a toddler. Those clothes for going out, I will hang on hangers.

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This is my bb gal wardrobe with 2drawer at the bottom , i hang the going out clothing,the wardrobe base i put handkerchief and top drawer for short sleeved set, t shirt😊 2nd drawer long sleeved set, is very spacious,can put many clothing, i bought it for $108 😊

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Usually i will buy my baby clothes from Tom & Stefanie and Kiddy Palace and i would prefer to buy drawers cause i can put alots of baby clothes in it

Start off with a chest of drawers as baby boy will mostly wear rompers. If girls, wardrobe wld perhaps be better as dresses can be hung neatly.

chest of drawers. besides they change clothes very often. no point to hang them. also no space.

Chest of drawers easier I think. I use drawers for mine!

I use MUJI wide medium sized drawers!

chest of drawer from toygoa

Chest of drawers