First time mum pregnant with twins, now week 12, debating on the stroller (2 or twin)

#advicepls #1stimemom Would like some advice please, thank you!

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There are strollers that can be separated from 1 to become 2.I think that can be feasible,if u going to small spaced places...and if u have another person with u to be able to push 2 strollers..

9mo ago

that's a good option too.. thank you!

I got myself a twin and a single stroller. The twin stroller is Joie Evalite, you can consider that. Try avoid tandem stroller as it’s bulky ☺️

9mo ago

Great! thanks!

Twin stroller will be bulky. Most importantly be prepared when will be having a hard time getting into a lift in crowded places.

9mo ago

sure thank you!

checkout contour twin from newborn onwards .. if 3 month onwards mini walker

9mo ago

oh ok thank you!

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