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Hello Mummies, can share what do you guys normally buy for ur newborn? What are the checklist? First time mum here.

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Cot/play pen, baby mattress & cover set, stroller , carrier , car seats (optional) , pampers, baby lotion, a few sets of swaddle & clothings, Bibs, shampoo & wash, small cloth , baby oil , diaper cream, baby wipes, towels, baby bath tub ( you can get free from hospital, once outgrown you can buy at market ), nail clipper, teats , bottles & brush, thermometer, formula ( optional : if you have Low supply or mixed feed ) , Nursing pillow ( helps to breast feed position n hand won’t be tired easily ) , nipple cream, milk storage bag & bottles ( optional : you can buy after if you have alot of milk supply or can stand by a few first ) nursing bra & top , rocking chair/ Bouncer, play mat, steriliser , breast pump, bottle flask warmer ( optional), thermos flask ( optional: if you are gonna feed formula outside ) , disposable changing mat / waterproof changing mat, breast pad You can go baby fair n walk around first :)

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Buy onesies that button down the front instead of rompers (getting a newborn's fragile head through the neck hole was a real challenge for me back then). Long sleeved zipper rompers with covered footsies for easy diaper changes at night if you intend to have baby sleep with the aircon on. Crib for night; bouncer for daytime, playmat for tummy time. Bathtub, head-to-toe baby wash, and chemical-free detergent. And of course, diapers and unscented wet wipes. And finally, a newborn carrier to "wear" your infant simply because you can still do stuff around the house hands-free while keeping baby soothed. As for decor/toys, high contrast colours are best for catching newborns' attention/focus.

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No need to buy so much clothing. Cause baby grow up very fast. Shampoos,bed,skincare,pillows,pampers, milk powder,breast pumping,breast milk storage,milk powder storage, thermos for hot water, pacifier, pacifier holder, baby carrier or sling(normally for newborn ppl use sling), bag for putting baby stuff,mittens, hats, baby detergents, bath tub and alot more u might wan to see baby fair at expo to give u more ideas

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Most importantly to buy what you need. Like breast pump, breast pad and storage bottles cz you'll be doing alotof feeding. Newborns i think the most important you need is onesies, socks, mittens, swaddles possibly 4pcs, milk bottles, carrier and bathtub. And telon yes. To massage baby.


Just a little advise when buying newborn baby clothes. Don't buy too many. Your baby will outgrow newborn clothes in a flash and as they hardly go out, all those super cute going-out clothes will be a waste! 😭

For a start i got a baby cot, something lightweight for me and able to rock. Then i got few tops, bottoms, socks, mittens and hats. Changing mat as well! Then followed by bottles and stroller. All at baby fair :)

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I go to baby fair and see but as a start I have the car seat, newborn diaper, wipes, creams, shower gel. I also have a cot & stroller.

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You can go to a baby fair to check it out!! Many items to get but get those more important ones first(:

Hi, Exploring baby fair is the best way to get idea of what all to buy. Do try it :)

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