What is the most shocking thing you saw your baby/toddler do?

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Many occasions, but his lack of fear (all children are born without fear, it's just inculcated in them by experiences) shocks me more often than not. Once, I picked him up from childcare and saw his classmates colouring a picture of a snail while he was with the teacher - he loves sensory things more so the teacher took one of those fish tank containers out, and it had a few live snails on a big leaf inside. The teacher took the leaf out to show the snails to my son, and he coolly touched it and tried to take it off the leaf - we weren't expecting that so the teachers and I had a shock! Recently, he picked something off the floor and tried to put it in his mouth but it dropped. I saw the thing struggling on the floor while he reached for it again, and it was a small beetle! I'm scared of flying insects so I made a big fuss trying to get him to leave it alone, while my parents are just laughing at the side saying that he'll help me get rid of insects next time 😅

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Be4 shower my hubby will always place the RUBBER MAT n make her stand on top of it while showering.. 1 day be4 he place the mat she shook her head a NO n took the RUBBER mat n place it on the floor n stand n smile at her dad

Yesterday when I was carrying my daughter, she attempted to open the kitchen sliding glass door by reaching towards the door knob - she is only 6months old! 😲

My child, walked out of a shop without paying anything only much later did i realise the soft toy he was holding on too.

J, no he was playing at the playground and i didn't know he poo. He recently started training. Then he run and it dropped out. lol

Too many things - especially when they newly acquire a skill. Doing v well controlled multiple squats to 3/4 squats

I didn’t see it but it’s about me. My mum saw me, when i was a toddler, pick up my own poop and taste it! 😬

So many different things I don't even know where to start. 💩 dropped out of his pants at the playground. :(

6y ago

Not he do it - but I can imagine the shock

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Pee while playing outside - straight on my legs and then continue playing as if nothing happened

Toddler? Ohmygod! Countless! Balance on the high chair with no one around him?!

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