Got a toddler? Challenging, isn't it? Ask questions about diet, discipline, potty training, and anything related to toddlers here.

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My 7yr old daughter results were not that great this year. I think I better start finding some classes or tuition for her. Any suggestions for a good centre? Wanna focus on Math and English. Tia!
Hi you can contact Ricky at 98267609. Free e learning from online . Discounted assessments books
At what age did you get you LOs to start swimming?
At 1 month old we already brought him to the beach. Soak him with salt water, they say it’s good for the skin. Natural skin treatment 😉
How would u react if someone who just in the first pregnancy starts teaching and teasing your child who is barely 3yo. I cannot stand it. In my house, she said my 3yo pee is smelly (maybe because of
ignore her and wait to see how she teaches her kid.

toilet train

my lo just reach 3 years old. until now still not toilet train. do i need to worry or wat. i am very stress how to train her. anyone can help.
i let her choose her potty. be brave. take off the diaper from her in the day first.

Health Tip Needed

Anybody has tips on how to boost babies immunity as he is in infant care and gets sick really easily. Are there any supplements as he is only a year old
i would seek professional help as still young

How to get my kid to play with her toys for longer?

She gets bored of each toy after a few mins - and has soo many toys already!!
i do rotation for everyday. then reorganise each week for different combination
My son is 2 yr 10 months old & he is not properly talking. He speaks only single words. Can you suggest me what should I do?
My son is almost 1 and half year and he only says Ma Ma so far..
When do you start bringing your toddler for dentist visit? Where can we bring them to dentist visit?
after he teeth start growing

15th month old - discpline

My toddler has been easy to handle so far but is beginning to act out. He gets angry by kicking/shouting and even to an extent of hitting me or the objects near him if things dont go his way. He does
i totally understands. My LO is now 14mths. He also happens to hit and scratch people sometimes. I realized when I hit him to stop him to do something, he learnt and will hit me back...

Always hungry

How do I deal with a child who is always always always hungry?
Give them smaller meal, & healthy snack like fruits