Got a toddler? Challenging, isn't it? Ask questions about diet, discipline, potty training, and anything related to toddlers here.

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Music class

Should you force your child to keep going to music lessons/enrichment classes if they don't want to anymore?
no forcing them will only create aversion ..let them explore and choose what they want to do
No I would never force my child to do something he/she doesn't like.
I wont force.. try finding child's real interest is the best
But good to find out the reason first
Is public shaming good parenting?
No , never
Absolutely not
My husband is very fond of dogs. Is it safe to keep a pet dog around my 2-year kid ?
yes, dogs are most friendly and loving so dont worry just ensure u avoid pitbull, doberman, bulldog breed n go in for a lab, retriever, beagel , they are very friendly
Yes its safe, just make sure kids dont get too aggressive with pets
yes, You just have to care little more for your kid but its totally safe
di po advisable ng pedia pdeng maging cause ng asthma tulad ng sa anak ko..
It's always good to have a pet around your kid. There is no harm. Just make sure you maintain proper hygiene!
Can I give mangoes to my one-year-old?
yes u can, n ur bub will love it!
yes you can, its good for healthy
Yes ofcourse, i started giving mangoes to my LO at around 7 months
Do your tots still wear socks to sleep, when sleeping in aircon room?
No. But we give him wear long sleeve and long pant. Cover with blanket when sleeping.
I tried to get my daughter to wear coz i find that her feet are always icy cold but shel take it off even though I put them on only when she's sound asleep and like Samantha, mine kick her blanket off
Mine do. My kids don't really like to use blankets and they tend to kick them off halfway in their sleep. So i think the socks helps to keep them warm.
What is your kid's favorite menu?
Chicken kebabs, pizzas
Carrot sticks.... I wish! Nuggets and fried rice :'(
McD Happy Meal & pepperoni pizza :'(
McDonald’s (faint)
Pasta, noodles and fried rice
Is your little one also fascinated with the opening and closing the fridge game? Why do they like it so much?
Mine will bring his chair close to it, sit there for continuous opening and closing. I needed to make use of the lock.
Thankfully they dont.. hehe!
Mine not really. But I think for LO, usually cause it’s cooling that why they like it
Yes, for young kids they like to play 'pee-ka-boo'. It is actually called permanence of the object. When they try to close something, they find the thing disappear and when they reopen, they can find
My daughter used to do this a lot when she was younger. She liked the idea that when the door was close enough, it would automatically snap shut because of the magnetism between the doors. She did
What chain restaurant offers the best menu and atmosphere for younger children?
No idea
Kith cafe
Not sure what is the best but never ever go to eighteen chefs. They serve rubbish to kids seriously.
A friend and I brought her kids to Fish & Co for dinner once and they had a great time there. The Kids' Menu offers 7 items to choose from, ranging from pastas and seafood dishes. Fish & Co outlets ar
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On weekends, I usually will bring my kids to Food for thought @ Singapore Botanic Gardens for nice brunch. You can take a nice stroll in the park after having scrambled eggs and sausages, with a cup o
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What is the best book for my three year old?
Short stories for toddlers, you can get to buy them in bookstores
fairy tale storys
Rhyme book
,. Tingin ko MA's mainam kung English book,..
Science books.
What will you do if you toddler throws a tantrum in public places?
Dont give in to tantrum...
Give her a hug and reason with her thereafter
I usually just ask him to snap out of it and its worked for me so far lol
Throwing tantrums is another way to call your attention. Don’t give in and calmly stand your ground. Not giving attention will result to your kid stopping antics eventually
Throwing a tantrum is a child's way to deal with a power struggle with his/her parents. I mean, tantrums usually occur when they don't get their way -- be it can't get a toy they want, they are tired