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Got a toddler? Challenging, isn't it? Ask questions about diet, discipline, potty training, and anything related to toddlers here.

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Does your toddler still wake up in the middle of the night? If yes, how many times? (please share age of toddler)
my baby is 15 mnths and she start to wake up like 2am or 3am for milk. usually she doesnt but i guess becos she slept early too. 9pm to 930... and she is also a heavy drinker. so not surprised

Stage 4 milk

my dau is turning 3 yrs old in feb 2019. At this moment she is drinking stage 3 milk. May i know when can i start giving her Stage 4?? Before she turns 3 yrs old or it has to be exactly 3 years old. I
no rush to start. you can start around feb it is still fine ^^

Can I start Cornflakes for 1 year old for breakfast ?

Thinking to add other food for my little one besides rolled oats with fruits.
i gave mine as it is cos she likes the crunch ^^ if ur baby is fine, can serve with warm milk
I have just moved into my new place for about a week. We have decided to stay for 4 days at our own place and 3 days back at in laws place so that its nearer for the kids to commute to the school and
I thinks ur kids feels uncomfortable w a new situation, maybe.
Recently my boy likes to play at his penis is there a way I can stop him from doing it...his 1year old now...
I thinks its normal to bby boy 💆🏻‍♀️
Should a 2 year old be able to recognize numeric 1,2,3, colors, shapes?
Yes but its actually depends on what u’ve learned and practise them w a playing ABC words
what baby wash do you use for your (active) toddlers?
we keep changing in the begining. but johns milk bath and lavender is best... especiqlly the lavender uses before sleeping time.... they effects are good
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Lo kept crying at night

My almost 21 mo recently kept waking up and crying in the middle of the night. She sleep with us on the separate bed (but just next to ours). She will wake up about 3-4 times and cry a lot like in pai
Can she tell you if she did feel any pain? The night wakings could be because of dreams too.

Recommendations for clinics that does allergy testing

My 27mths son has been having eczema since he was 2months old. It started from his face (now fully recovered) and now spreaded to his hands, tummy, legs & groin area. It’s so bad that he still can’t s