What is the most embarrassing question that your toddler has asked you in public?

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I dressed up as Mrs Claus once for a friend's Christmas party and her son pointed out that "Mrs Santa is melting" because I had stuffed pillows in my costume to look chubbier and did not notice that the pillows were slipping out. They soon found out that I was a fraud and suddenly there was half a dozen crying kids.

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This happened a few years back when I was still in a LDR and my partner was not with me because we were living in different countries. I was having dinner with my friends and their husbands when one of the kids asked, "Why are you always alone? Everyone has a partner except you". #formerthirdwheel

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Mummy which is your nehneh so small? Auntie neh neh so big!

Why your there got hair when we were in the public toilet


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