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cc classes
Are cc classes still on? Anyone know if they are likely to be cancelled anytime soon?
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Still on
I think they’re still on. Highly unlikely to be canceled unless DORSCON red
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Still on.
Yes on
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still on
is it normal for a 3.5 year old to lie a lot?
Does your kid at some age suddenly learned how to lie and lie a lot??
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Quickly change this habit yeah her/him
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I don’t think is lie. They tend to choose the “right” answer so that they won’t get scolding from parent. Lol
Slowly coach and guide them back.. :)
THey're still young. They'll be fine.
They do... Just guide them back :) still in learning phase
they grow up so fast .. don't they ?
Do you guys sometimes just wish time slow down a bit? =)
Definitely !!!
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Yes, I do wish!
yesss, i wish they can stay baby always hahaha
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Bump won't go away
3yr old LO fell off the bed and got a bump on her head, this was 3 mths ago and bump is still there, she seem to be completely unaffected by it, no pain or anything. should I be worried? what do I go?
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Please bring your LO to see a doctor. Get LO throughly checked to have peace of mind. Take care
persistent bump on forehead
kid bumped her head a month ago falling off the bed, bump on her head still there after a month. should I be worried?
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My mom would say rub the bump with a warm egg LOL But seriously do bring your daughter to a pd to get it a peace of mind👌🤗
If it still hurts or the kid appears unwell, gets dizzy, headache, vomitting etc, then you should bring your kid to the doctor.
Does it hurt when you touch the bump?
Was there any fever or change in behaviour after the fall (like more sleepy, less active etc) Did you bring her to the doctor to follow up?
2 year old grinding sound from jaw
2 year old getting very active, sometimes bump her jaw against me and I can hear this grinding sound like her jawbone is moving or something, normal?
My son started to grind his teeth a few months before turning 1. But he only does it in the morning. I'll try to stop it by putting a handkerchief in his mouth. But eventually, he will stop when he wa
Outdoor playground west of SINGAPORE
What outdoor playground is there in the west of Singapore that is suitable for toddlers?
Jurong Lake Gardens 😍
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West gate, Causeway Point
Jurong Lake Gardens
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Hi... visit jurong lake gardens
First words
What's your baby's first word?
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Baby hit her head and got a bump. Western doctor say ice pack, Chinese tradition say roll a warm hard boiled egg... What should I do??
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cold method helps with swelling!
Use ice pack immediately
Sports injury advice will be to apply RICE principle to treat swelling. Be it for children or adults. Rationale: cold temperature will draw blood away from the swelling part and thus expedite the redu
i used boiled egg... quickly boiled one n apply, the swell went down n blue-black reduced.
I use ice pack to reduce the swell. after that I'll monitor for 24hrs.
Any YouTube video I can play for my toddler to get her to fall asleep?
You can download the baby Shusher app. I really works for putting babies to sleep
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Play our audios on the media tab :)
White noise, lullabies are good.
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Search white noise for baby sleeping
play play play with him till either of you get tired and sleep 😃