What is the most insulting thing your child has ever said to you?

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my personal experience was my youngest sister-in-law and at dat point she was only 5years and my 1st born is less than a month. she came to my room and saw my child crying while i was changing her diaper. she clearly say "mummy, u dont knw hw to take care of yr child ya" fyi- my sister-in-law does call me mummy..till now..bt wat i meant to say that point wen she just walk into my room and commented such..i feel like telling her off bt again i knw whr she learn or heard those words frm..so didnt blame her..blame the parents who input those words to her..

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I think is my boy 10 when he was 8 one day I fetch him back from school in the bus, after that I have lunch with my daughter and there are something left over on my teeth but on the bus he saw it, and he ask me "mummy why have thing on your tooth" oh I know that is yesterday vege!!! Oh my god that so embarrass. On that Moment I am angry and embarrassing. Hahahaha

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Once my son told me. I dun want u. I scream on top of my voice... Having pms. He say thay. I throw him out of the house. He own 3yo. Lol.... But after i got calm down.. N think back. Actually he mean other things. Which i dun want u to touch... Lol... Felt so bad.. Juz becoz he nv say finish. And i scream and throw him out of the hse. Ops

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A younger cousin (3 years old back then) told me that I should have kids because I am old and the older I get, the harder it is to have kids. That was okay but then she said, "but you must get married first and not date around so much". HAHAHA,

actually not an insulting word but I was really disappointed when my first child who is 16 years old suddenly raised his voice on me. I am a bit sensitive & that scenario had made me sad.

Our 2 yrs old killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Mummy has gas and ripped 1 out in the bedroom... Staring at her mummy she said Shanayah: So smelly! Like daddy!!! *faints*

When my girl tell me that she is not going to listen to what I said as my words are like "air" and she told me she hate me. She learn it from my parents-in-law.

i recapped the worst thing my 6 year old child said to me is "mummy, you have grown fatter"... oh gosh... *faintz*

My child commented on my outfit and said it looked mismatched and weird on me. He told me to wear something else.