What are the things your parents did that you will never do to your kids or future kids?

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I would never beat my child... Never.. Nothing deserve to get beaten.. Especially not the own children....
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My mom used the cane😜
Looking back i was beaten by my father to the point where i couldn't sit, punched in the face till i bled, i still have the phyiscal scars, told i wasn't his son and criticised on everything i do. I m
I was raised in the Philippines.When my mom gets mad,she hits me a couple of times with anything (broomstick/duster stick/hanger and all of the above)and will never sit down and explain why she had t
Physically, mentally and emotionally abused. Annnnd, will never do the "pahiya" thingy sa ibang tao. Kahit saan o sino pa andyan pag nagalit talagang ipapahiya ka 😂 Yoko nun. Natrauma ako nun dati. K