Hi parents, did your set a time table for your kids? Can anyone share how your arrange your kids timetable ? My kids are 5+ and 7+ now.

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Hi there. My child is too young (only 8 months) to have a time table. But i have seen how great time table work out for the kids that i tutored. So yes, i will make a time table too when the time is right and children thrive on routine all the way up to lower primary. If ur child can make choices already (as u did not state ur child's age), let the child also participate in making time table and create some choice for them to choice from (2 -3 choice is enough). Older they get, they should help or want to make the timetable too

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6y ago

hi, thanks for your suggestion. my kids are 5 and 7 years old.

Time tables are good helps your chuld have a routine. Rough guude for you. After school at about 2pm, he reaches home. Shower and have lunch. From 3 to 4pm own time. 5 to 6pm studies or homework. 6 to 7pm dinner time. 7 to 8pm tv time and 8 to 9pm electronic time. By 9pm the kids should be in bed.

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