Do you parent like your own parents? What did they do to you that you now do to your own kids?

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I totally don't like my parents at all... my dad don't care about his child even don't remember the names correctly nor birthdays... as long as you don't step on his tail or go police station, he wouldn't care at all... there was not much communication around... my mum just work and support us... i don't remember being hug or praise by her in my whole life before... all i remember is like strangers living in the same house... everybody just do their own things in the same house... I tell myself not to do the same... i will always give hugs and kisses to my child in the morning and at bedtime... Family day is a must to do activities together and find out about each other... seriously communication is very important in a family... i am still trying to learn how to care and love for one another since i did not have this experience during my childhood... before i have a child, i will keep asking why i was here and what is the meaning of my presence... the only thing i can remember being taught of is what i cannot do such as stealing, cheating... just watch "crime watch" and you will know what you cannot do... but there is nothing for me to appreciate life... i would have been a living corpse if i don't buck up and find ways to distract myself... during my school life i have so many eca to keep me busy everyday except Sunday where i will hide in the room and just study... most importantly i would not compare my kid with other kid unlike what my mum always did (she zoomed in my flaws but never see my strong points)... my child is the way he is and i will try my best to grow up together with him...

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6y ago

Thanks Carla for your encouragement... i am glad to join this chat forum... though i do not have support like some of my friends who have helps from their family... at least i know where to get some good advice from... :)

I am thankful to them for bringing me up. There r certain traits about them tat i dun like. Too protective.. i remembered when i was looking for a job during e teenage days, my mum would help me to call them up instead.. Want to go overseas with them or with my frenz, cannot. Want to go eat tiz, cannot. Everything cannot.. after giving birth, i quarelled with them more.. baby cry abit, mum will run over to him anxiously. Bathe muz bathe in her manner. Cannot put lotion on e face.. muz wear socks. Muz carry umbrella to shelter baby under e hot sun. Till now, baby can eat solids already. She will say, dun let baby eat fruits/banana etc.. will cause phlegm.. too many to list... hate e way they r. How to instill independence like tat? Fortunately, i'm a very independent person as i'm e eldest among my 3 other siblings. I wouldnt wanna do tat to my kids..

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I think my parents love us in some way but I wouldnt want my marriage to be like them. My dad rarely comes back to SG because of work and my mum is literally like a single mum. If not because my paternal relatives were always with her as staying nearby, I think my mum would have crumble.

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I can't say i totally don't like my parents. But after being thru what my parents did to me like a certain punishment or how they treated me, i told myself to never do it towards my kdis as i know how it feels.

I won't say I don't like my parents as I wasn't really under her care when I'm young. it's been my grandmother. So till now, I'm never close to my mother

Not exactly but there is some resemblance. Both good and bad. I think it's more of the way I speak and express my emotions.