Income VS How Many Kids

Hi parents, how much is your household income and how many kid do you have? What are the expenses for the kids and are you able to save? Thanks for sharing.

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Currently expecting, so only hubby working, monthly around 4K. Housing loan can pay 80-90% via CPF, so only need to worry about daily essentials and savings. Will try to stay at home and look after baby myself and teach him since I was previously a tutor, so by committing time to teach him and save on the infant care and tuition fees.

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Personally it depends on the kinda lifestyle you want for yourselves and your kids. Would you want them to attend music lessons, enrichment classes etc. To be on a comfortable side, combined income should at least be 8k. Especially for preschoolers... preschools are expensive.

Husband works $2k plus, 2 children, $400 maintenance money on first child primary school not staying with us. Second baby and Me $300( I save up to $100 permonth) Insurance $100plus, Bill's $100plus ,loan $100plus. So far so good we still can save up alot.

Hubby working only with 3 kids. 10k. Spend money wisely. Intend to put my 3 child to child care after he is 2yrs old n I will go n work in order to give them better lifestyle. Travelling or some music classes etc are one of the cost too.

Combined 18k and 2 kids. Major expenses mainly housing loan, our insurance policies & endowment plans for the kids. For kids mainly IFC, childcare and enrichment classes.


2k plus with 2 kids. Hubby main incomer earner. Can try to apply for financial assistance if your household is eligible for certain criteria.

Husband only working. Four kids one coming this may. Income $1.8k. No tuition , no childcare or enrichment classes mostly i teach them myself.

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How did you manage to save up? 1.8k with four kids its wow!

25 YO, combined income about 8-9k.expecting a child and expenses already suffering before birth of baby

Only hubby working. 10k a month. 1 baby. I look after him myself. Still struggling how to save.

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Me and my husband earn below 5k. We are planning for just one. Cant afford 2 children.