1st trimester

Was your hubby overly pantang when you first found out you were expecting?

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Yes haha. Some first time daddy is very excited so they get very super superstitious. Is okay, just for the 9 months, bear with it. He is just cautious for baby and you.

Nope. But that sounds super caring and loving though. My husb even scolded me and made me cry and didn't comfort me :/ bt just once though lol. Bt the memory...

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Yes, he controlled alot. From shampoo, facial wash, face cream, pimple cream and foods. Alot restriction😪! But now better.

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Nope. And I’m gonna contradict it all the way even if he was. 🤣😅 I don’t believe in superstitions.

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Yes so pantang... but I tried to "educate" him, cause I'm not SOOOOO pantang

Nope.my hubby not pantang at all...hahha I'm the one worry alot

Nope but he’ll still listen to elderly unless too ridiculous

Nope, he doesn’t know much about the panting things haha

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My hubby didn't know much. I'm more pantang than him.

Nope. He doesn’t believe in all these things.