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How To Count Semester 1, 2 & 3?
Hi mummies, I abit confused about counting the week from semester one. Is it this is how its suppose to count. 1st trimester : wk 1-12 2nd trimester : wk 13-24 3rd trimester : wk 25-36 Thanks in adv
Hope this info helps~
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When You Inform Your Company Or Superior About Your Pregnancy?
Hi Mummies, I am just curious when should I tell my superior that I am Pregnant or should I inform? Please give advise. Thanks in advance.
I informed when I knew about my pregnancy as arrangements need to be made for my work
After 1st trimester is over
I informed them after my first trimester
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I think it depends on the nature of your work, the symptoms you have, and how comfortable you are with people knowing. I had to tell my bosses early because of my job requirements, but most people tel
Hey, i think better to inform as that way the company can understand the situation and help you accordingly :)
Help For Nausea During Pregnancy!
Hi Mummies, this might help to get rid of nausea. *Tomato Prunes* Ingredient 1. Honey Cherry Tomato 2. Black Presevered Prunes A small cut onto tomato and Prunes in cube. Stuff the prune into the tom
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Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing (:
Wow didn’t know!! Thanks for sharing 😊
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Looks delicious
Wish i have saw this before it was born!
Good idea.. thanks for sharing!
During Pregnancy Can Go For Facial, Hair Treatment?
Hi mummies, do you went for facial and hair treatment during pregnancy or which trimester is better for it?
Can but u need to let them know so they can avoid using some chemicals and machines in your treatment
Coughing During First Trimester
Hi mummies, how do I treat my cough and sore throat without taking medicine? Also quite heaty. Feel sick but hubby ask me not to take medicine. Thanks all mummies.
Probably due to the seasonal weather that’s giving everyone random coughs and colds.
Sore throat - drink honey before bedtime, and morning after gargling salt water. Let the honey glide in through ur throat slowly without rushing to drink the water. Buy a sore throat spray. I recommen
Have you tried warm honey lemon? Usually works for me
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try warm honey lemon
If affecting your sleep, better see doctor. Let doctor know you are pregnant, they have pregnancy safe medicine.
During Pregnancy What Drinks Can Reduce Body Heatiness?
Hi mummies, I have been feeling heaty from week 1 to current week 9. What foods or drinks can aids the heaty in my body? Thanks in advance.
I drank watermelon juice (strictly once per week) to reduce the heatiness and hydrate my body
During Pregnancy Will Keep Pop Pimple?
Hi mummies, from the moment I know I'm pregnant and I keep pop pimple non-stop. Is it normal and how long will it last? Any ways to help? Thanks in advance😊!
Hi, My mom used to have the same thing when she was pregnant with me. She shared this experience with me. I don't think there is a way to stop it during pregnancy as it is due to the hormonal changes
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Is It Safe To Go Dental During Pregnancy?
Recently I have just book an appointment with the dental, is it safe? Do I need to inform the dentist or counter that I'm pregnant?
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Yes but inform them on your pregnancy. I avoided thou.
Yes it’s safe can just inform
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Only able to go after 2nd trimester? Can I go during 1st trimester?
Yes is safe. I do inform the dentist of my pregnancy.
Yes its safe. I visited the dentist when I was 4 months pregnant for normal cleaning and scalling.. I also informed the dentist in advance that I’m pregnant.
Anyone From KKH Private Change To Government?
Hi Mummy, how do I change to government for the subsidise?also is it possible for my last trimester to change to TMC, will it be cheaper for my total cost? I would like save cost, please advise. Curre
I thk most of the gynae dun accept patient after second trim which is wk 12. And some still accept before wk 21. But if u r looking a good gynae is better to see them before wk 12. C
Is It Normal To Feel Breathless During First Trimester?
Recently keep feel breathless whenever I walk or do things. Is it normal?
It could also be due to heavy meal. Instead of 3 meals a day, try to have 5 small meals and snacks in between
Pretty normal but if you're concerned, let your gynae know
Hi, Yes it is normal. But if it is too frequent, I would suggest consult the gynae just to be safe
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Yes but if it gets too serious or frequent do consult your gynae, take care!