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Nose Blood During Wk26 Is It Normal?
Hi mummy, do you encounter nose blood during 2nd trimester? Needed advise as FTM. Thank you.
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It is probably due to hormonal change. Pretty normal. But if it’s too often / too much, please see a gynae!
How Early Does Braxton Hicks Start?
Hi mummies, recently I am having pain at the right side of my tummy and already few days. Is a on off pain kind. Currently at week25 6days entering wk26. Please advise? FTM. Thank you.
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Braxton Hicks feels more like a tightening sensation but shouldn't come with pain. It could be the baby pressing on your tummy, but if in doubt you should check with your gynae for peace of mind.
I had one episode of squeezing pain at around 28 weeks, on left side of my belly. I think that's my first (and so far only) Braxton hicks
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For my wife it is 3rd trimester
Tummy Feel Itchy During 2nd Trimester
Hi mummies, do you feel itchy at tummy during 2nd trimester and how do you treat it? Any recommendation? TIA
Use cream.
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Put stretch mark cream/lotion and bio oil. Put as frequent as possible
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Stretch mark cream or moisturiser
Put some cream
Bring your stretch mark/oil on the go. Once the itch start, apply immediately. The itch will stop.
When Do You Start Taking Birdnest And Chicken Essence?
Hi mummies, when do you guys start taking birdnest and chicken essence. And how many times per week do you consume? TIA.
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Chicken essence from 2nd trimester. Twice a week. Bird nest from 3rd trimester onwards. Consume around 3 times per week.
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Chicken essence is drink everyday. Bird nest I drink twice a week
How To Know Urinary Infection During Pregnancy?
Hi Mummy, how to know urinary tract infection during pregnancy? I was keep having the urge of going toilet and quite frequently especially at night. Was having smelly discharge recently. Having itchy
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Don’t use feminine washes, esp antibacterial ones. That will worsen fungal infections. Go see your gynae for creams and medicine. They really help!
Can Wear Contact Lens During Pregnant?
Hi all mummies, do you wear colour contact lens during pregnancy?I have bought a few boxes of lens earlier on but not sure during occasion can wear?🤔 Thanks in advance.
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I had them on all the way haha
Yup. As long as you are all ok.
I still wear but i find that it is easily to have dry eye and cause me headache. Depends on your condition, as long as u feel comfortable. Why not ?
About Travelling During Pregnancy
Hi mummies, please share some experience about travelling to nearby places like batam, Thailand and Taiwan. How you guys get food that is suitable for u? I was planning to go maybe Thailand or Taiwan
I went Taiwan during wk 7...
For Thailand, I avoided street foods when I went there during preg.. As for Taiwan, if it is those cooked street food I consume but I also will see the hygiene of the stalls etc.. Hope this helps! :)
How To Count Semester 1, 2 & 3?
Hi mummies, I abit confused about counting the week from semester one. Is it this is how its suppose to count. 1st trimester : wk 1-12 2nd trimester : wk 13-24 3rd trimester : wk 25-36 Thanks in adv
Hope this info helps~
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When You Inform Your Company Or Superior About Your Pregnancy?
Hi Mummies, I am just curious when should I tell my superior that I am Pregnant or should I inform? Please give advise. Thanks in advance.
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I informed when I knew about my pregnancy as arrangements need to be made for my work
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After 1st trimester is over
I informed them after my first trimester
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I think it depends on the nature of your work, the symptoms you have, and how comfortable you are with people knowing. I had to tell my bosses early because of my job requirements, but most people tel
Hey, i think better to inform as that way the company can understand the situation and help you accordingly :)
Help For Nausea During Pregnancy!
Hi Mummies, this might help to get rid of nausea. *Tomato Prunes* Ingredient 1. Honey Cherry Tomato 2. Black Presevered Prunes A small cut onto tomato and Prunes in cube. Stuff the prune into the tom
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Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing (:
Wow didn’t know!! Thanks for sharing 😊
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Looks delicious
Wish i have saw this before it was born!
Good idea.. thanks for sharing!