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Your views on Oscar test
For mummies above 30s, can you share your views (and results if possible) of your oscar test? Whether you have taken or not and why?
I did that for my #1. Result came out to he high risk but after further test, result came out to be normal. I opt out for #2 and coming #3 also didnt do the test.
I have miscarriage once at age 34. I'm 36 and now at 14 wks, thank God. I opt for NIPT that gives 99% accuracy because we are very practical person and we want assurance a healthy baby. My NIPT resu
Didnt do with my 2 boys and not doing it with my bump. Some wants to know it before to prepare themselves, some just let it be. Follow your gut :)
I am 32. Did it for both my pregnancies just because I would like to know and prepare myself before birth.
I did it during my 1st pregnancy cos u know 1st time parents, not too sure and will just do what the gynae recommends. However, I chose to opt out for my 2nd as I thot that whatever the result may be,
shivering but sweating
Hi I'm pretty worried. Now is my 9 weeks pregnancy. I had experience a few times of shivering at night but last night was the worst. I was shivering under low fan but sweating under blanket cover.
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Please consult a doctor asap...Take care!
boy or girl
Curious if you know whether you are carrying a boy or girl before the scans confirm it?
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Thought I got a boy but a girl :( My mom got it right because she has 5 children and she guess mine was a girl from the way my craving was, my tummy etc .
I don't know. I guessed wrongly..
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I guess base on the shape of my tummy. Olden days ppl say round is girl and oval is boy. And my food intake alot, this might be a boy. Looking forward for my scan tomorrow😊! My hubby hoping a boy but
Coming from our experience, my wife had a vivid dream about a cute little boy. I had this strong intuition that it was a boy despite the hope for a girl. It turn out to be a sweet little girl, and we
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Roughly could tell during the 12th week scan and had dreams about having a boy , turns out really a boy
8 weeks with a bump
Everybody says you are not suppose to announce until over 3 months into your pregnancy which is after the "safe period". I tried holding on to it so long but my bump is already showing at 8 weeks, and
You can wear oversized tops to hide the bump. Personally for me, my bump didnt show at 8 weeks, it showed only like in week 17 or so, even when wearing fitted tops. However, my colleagues can alr tel
You can wear loose outfits. Eg, 3/4 dress , loose top with skirt or pants. So no need worry so much. 🤭
water birth
Any mummies had used water birth method to deliver baby? Can share your experience?
Safe to makeup and skin care during pregnancy?
Hi Can share some brands and products of make up and skin care safe for pregnancy use? Or is it safe to use whatever we are using now? I'm currently using lots of Japan products with no english titl
I am using shiseido & bio-essense, so far so good. I try to avoid make up with parabens (some people say cause miscarriage).
I used makeup and skin care as per normal.
I woke up like this and herbivore
I Woke Up Like This. It's a Korean brand and it's pregnancy-safe. I've been using this before getting pregnant so I'm glad I don't have to change anything!
I think it’s safe.. didn’t change any products intentionally
low progestrone
Hi I'm 35 yrs old, and I'm diagnosed with low progesterone levels at my 5 weeks pregnancy. Doc's preferred is 100 and I only got 45, hence I'm prescribed with utrogestan. I'm at 7 weeks coming to 8
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Best to seek ur doc for a check. Pooping feeling shouldnt be there. Did ur doc giv u progesterone jab too? U can ask for it