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How many weeks pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant?

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2 weeks
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5 weeks
Been married for 3 years this Friday. Found out I was pregnant 4 weeks along, and I'm on week 9 now. Greatest wedding anniversary surprise ever. 💕
Nearly 3 Nd half months
Was 8 weeks
6 weeks hihi
Was 11 Weekes 3 days
at first I thought I was 2-3 weeks because of my digital pregnancy test on the screen it appeared 2-3 but then I happened to read an fb post who took a clear blue pt with the same result as mine 2-3 but with the caption 4-5weeks. I did my research on the meaning of 2-3 of clear blue and I found out that I am between 4-5 weeks.
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Almost 12 weeks pregnant! I thought I had gastrointestinal problems at first when I went to check it out, but I came out the hospital pregnant instead. The most life changing and happiest day of my life :')
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