How many weeks pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant?

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I was 4 weeks pregnant when I found out by accident through a blood test. It just so happened that I had a check up which required a blood test, which in turn used hCG, the pregnancy hormone, as a marker. It was an unplanned, but not unwanted surprise. I suspected something because my period was late by a few days, but wasn't very sure. Looking back, it was great that I found out so early as I took care of my body better after finding out I was pregnant and refrained from strenous activities. I still enjoyed my swimming sessions greatly and it helped me keep active during pregnancy.

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3 weeks when I started feeling aches in my belly and the most obvious one, my monthly friend didn't come to visit lol the drs probably thought I was crazy n just wishing I was pregnant because my first pregnancy test came back negative, but then I went back to the hospital because of the pains and aches and this time my pregnancy test came back PUHREGNAAANT 🤗

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at first I thought I was 2-3 weeks because of my digital pregnancy test on the screen it appeared 2-3 but then I happened to read an fb post who took a clear blue pt with the same result as mine 2-3 but with the caption 4-5weeks. I did my research on the meaning of 2-3 of clear blue and I found out that I am between 4-5 weeks.

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When I missed period , I feel that I'm pregnant then I bought pt.

I felt nothing, but everytime I miss my period I always think maybe I'm pregnant, my Hubby and I actually trying to conceive until I gave up and surrendered it to God, then when I stopped expecting, that's when our Baby came, it was exactly 1 week missed period when I used PT and the 2 lines were very clear ❤

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Haha for me is so funny I was pregnant until I myself don know OK let me tell you my story I was ROM on March 3 and that time my weigh was very fat so I went to eat slimming pills and I got pregnant on July a lot of blood so I went down to kkh and have a urine test fond out that I have 10 weeks pregnant.

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For my #1, I kinda knew right away when I was late for my period after just one day and I was right. For my #2, because I had gone through etopic surgery and was advised not to try for another baby so soon, I only found out when I was about 15 weeks pregnant.

Going one month. I went to the doctor to check on my aching left arm. When they were about to perform ecg, they made me take a PT first and surprise, i'm pregnant! The aching left arm is connected to my pregnancy pala.

Almost 12 weeks pregnant! I thought I had gastrointestinal problems at first when I went to check it out, but I came out the hospital pregnant instead. The most life changing and happiest day of my life :')

I was 6weeks pregnant when I found. One of the happiest moment of my life. still remembered the date Nov 9th 2014... Actually we were waiting for that moment from long time, so felt very blessed.