How many weeks were you when you found out you were pregnant?

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I found out in the hospital when I did a blood test at a checkup. It just so happened that the blood test also tested for hCG - the "pregnancy hormone". I was estimated to be 4 weeks along and went for my first scan at 6 weeks to determine the presence of a heartbeat, fetus and yolk sac. Thankfully, everything went well! I suppose I am one of the few who didn't need to pee on a stick to test for pregnancy as blood tests are far more accurate than any urine test.

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5 weeks for me! My period is either on time or early. It’s weird that i was 3 days late. It’s unheard of. I didn’t want to check at first because I was afraid of disappointment. We’ve been trying for a year. When it turns out to be positive. I was alone and I couldn’t tell anyone!!! It was such a crazy feelings

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Pls i need help, i was 3 days late for my period but on Sunday i started having spotting with clot then on Monday it get heavier and the blood was black with serious abdominal pain what should i do, i have never be pregnant once though i tested wen i was 2days late and it show negative please i need help

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mine is like a dream..before i know i was pregnant i keep checking the pregnancy test and always turn out negative..and miracle comes..when i try to check again it turn positive..and turn out it already 6weeks..and wonder why before tht it always negative?

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so true .. I always check my pregnancy test and it turns out negative..until one day, I feel nauseous and feel I was bit dizzy, checking it turns out positive..

for me is when I ROM I was very fat so I went to see doctor for slimming pills and I eat about four month I lose 10 kg then my body change I come alot of blood I tot is period but last went to kkh and test urine found out that I am 10 weeks pregnant.

Just 1 day I knew I was pregnant already. 😊 Then just to confirmed it right, I did pregnancy testing after 4weeks. I am not surprise its a positive ❤cant wait to see you my little munchkin on July 2020! 💋

I found out I was pregnant at 15 weeks which was quite a shocker because we were told (and we listened) not to try for a baby for 2 months at least as I was recovering from my etopic surgery

Am yet to do test but my instinct and faith in God's word told me am pregnant, am 4 weeks and 2day, no symptoms yet but only my right breast nipple is sore

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4 weeks! I thought I was being attacked by gastritis so we went to the doctor. We were advised for me to take the pregnancy test. We had 4 and all of it is positive! 😍🎉

Wife was 5 weeks plus when she tested and let me know. The rest became history when my girl came and now having second one with almost the same notification period! :)