Who was the first to know you were expecting?

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Who was the first to know you were expecting?
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My hairstylist. He told me I am when I don’t even know I’m pregnant at week 1/2 . Said my skin is glowing. 1 week latter I took pregnancy test and my hubby is the second to know. 😄

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First born was hubby, second born was my BFF as I wanted to surprise the Hb so I didn’t tell him immediately

Husbaaand. Wanted to surprise him but i was too excited to share the news!

my mum is with me when I see doc, the 1st person I told was my hub

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my husband and I checked together. Then informed both our parents

Definitely my dear husband… cause we plan to have one more:)

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Husband la. Who else. The rest must see my pantang level. Lol.

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Of cource my hubby coz he also got pregnant right 😂

My Godmother and godsister

My fil n then my husband 😍