Just want to rant.. Dont understand why my child i cant make the decision myself just because my husband dont really bother.. just like yesterday had dinner with in law. My son having flu and cough so at night go out suppose to be wearing something hotter. So i wear him 2 clothes. But in law keep say he sweating why give him wear 2 clothes. I keep repeating myself saying he having cough and flu.. but nevermind this.. The other, my son shyt and the smell stain on the pants and for very long time so the pampers wet and the pants wet (not say very wet). So my in law change him and ask me to not let him wear pants. I was like nevermind lah. Just let him wear. Then she give me the what the hell face and carry my son walk away.. What the big deal? And we are about to go home already also.. never wear pants even colder at night.. And i dont really really understand why, at night my son is looking for me and yet my in law and her whole family love to carry my son far far away from my sight when he was looking for me instead.. they rather give him cry than carry right back to me.. being a mother is 24/7 standby.. they keep say 'let mummy rest awhile la' i was like, my own child and he is looking for me isnt it should pass back to me instead? that was why i dont really like to meet them at all... End of ranting.. thank you mummies for reading(:

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Why cold and flu need wear something hotter? Sg already very hot still wear 2 clothes?? Not sick also become sick. I mean wear or dont wear pants make a difference?? Sg weather v cold meh??? Why you keep thinking cold cold cold???? If you dont already know kids body temperature are higher than adults! Yeah but I have been in the same situation where in laws love to carry baby far away from me dispite baby crying and looking for me. I did what I have to I told them in their face “I dont want baby out of my sight, stop carrying baby away when she obviously dont want to be carried by you all” I dont let my in laws see baby at all. I happy I go once in a long time and I dont let them carry or touch my baby

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Oh dear, i feel you. Dealing with in and out laws are so tough. In the midst of this i want to remind you that i'm sure everyone means well for baby. Maybe they really want to give you a break. Take it in your stride. That may help you. It takes a village to raise a child. You are more fortunate to have people around you, without people it is very tough. I have no friends nor family to help. Even when i was going into labor, It's tough. Hope you feel better soon.

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6y ago

I dont mind they help. But i dont like my baby to cry so much.. and at night im the main care giver that take cares of my lo . Thats why he looking for me instead. At night cry alot wind in their tummy. So i always want minimise the crying..

Sounds tough on you. Your ideal situation on your child is different fr ur in law. Not too sure of the whole situation but m sure ur in law is possessive towards ur child. If ur hub can't help to intervene, n u need in law's help, I think is wise to give in at times. Hw, if my wailing child wants me, I will ask to carry him even if they carry far away fr me.

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6y ago

I didnt sound anything.. i just let them be. But to my own parents, they know what my son wants when it come to night time. Because whenever i carried him, he will not cry anymore. But when my in law and their family they carried, he cried but they dont bother. I dont like people making my child cry so much at night.. day time my child is okay with my in law as she took care of him. But night time will be me who take care of him thats why he will be looking for me instead..

why cant u stand up for urself and ur child? stupid girl. ur children only have u but u are not even standing up for them. your children, your responsibility. u call the shots. period. Some family members are not meant to be contacted at all.

7mo ago