I hate my parents in law and husband

I'm sorry everyone, I need to rant out here if not I can go crazy. My both parents in law down with bad cough for few days and my 1st twin son who is 15 months old has historys of Broncholitis as well as RSV. So till now his immune system not strong. I angry with my parents in law as they never wear mask at home nsver cover mouth when cough, never was and sanitize hand before and after carry or touch my son. So my son now his broncholitis comes back.. bad phlegmy, chesty cough. Told my husband nicely to advise his parents, he scold me instead. He blame me for being good for nothing and useless mother that cause son sick. He blames the school too for hygiene purpose. Seriously? Why I get the blame?

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Wah I feel for you. It’s not right for your husband to blame you for it. Ask him to show you how useful he is as a father before he judge you as a useless mother! Tell him you will find work to support the family instead and he stay home take care of the kid, do a role reversal if he thinks you’re not taking care of your son well enough. 😤 But seriously…have a serious conversation with your husband on options to move out away temporarily from in laws if they still cannot practice good hygiene. If you can get your son’s PD to say in his face (or you record down and replay for him) that PIL is most likely the reason he contracted the cough due to living within close quarters and poor hygiene. Then you have support from medical perspective to notify him of this.

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