Hi all, need advise from both husbands and wives here. Well, it started when i accidentally broke my husband's phone charger last night and he was yelling at me saying "YOU MUST COMPENSATE ME!" infront of my one year old son. I was trying to make my son sleep and try not to argue in front of my son so i just kept quiet and let him nagged. I dont understand why he never think it was an accident and I apologized already. Today, I asked him to put some stuffs into the car and the car door auto locked without me knowing it. Then he did not put the stuffs into the car and kept quiet about it until I saw the things and asked why he did not put it? He started screamed at me infront of my family and son said "WHO ASKED YOU LOCKED THE DOOR? HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT?". I told him that he can just tell me, why keep quiet. And he showed black face to all of my family like we owed him alot. I just dont understand, I am his wife, I prepared all his needs, I never starve him. Why he can just do those things to me, infront of my family, our son? I am not sure if he is still love me or just for the sake of our son. But I am tired of this marriage and even my sister said "u cant blame anyone as it is your choice". I understood and was looking for marriage counselling. But he wont pay a single cent for that. I dont know what I can do anymore being emotionally abused like everyday.

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My husband never shown his bad temperedness during our dating days. Aft we got married, he started shouting and he even laid his hands on me even when i was pregnant. Of course we sought counsellor advice and he was warned not to use his hands again. He didnt up till now. Go see a counsellor with him and usually men have big egos hence just say you would like him to be there and such.

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I'm facing such problem too. I actually starting to ignore him and don't prepare his needs. since he is taking me for granted, then he shall do things himself and on his own

5y ago

he actually ignored me for the whole night after the argument and left me to carry 2 luggages by myself.

This is an old post which is more than 3 years. Hope he has changed and you are having a happy family life now. 🌈

Ignoring isn’t make the problem go away. Suggest u guys to talk it out or seek professional help from a counselor.

Was he like this previously? If he is not, I would try to find out what cause him to behave like this nowadays

5y ago

He is getting worst lately and I dunno why.

is he stressed at work or something? maybe it was unintentional? he just overreacted at that point in time.

5y ago

well, it was like all the time. he is always like that. haiz.

i ignore and give the white eye. i dont want my kids to be traumatised