Mother In Law VS Daughter In Law

Sorry mummies to rant out because I dont have anyone who could understand me. Not even my husband. I have married into this family for 2year 3 month. And blessed with twins 1 boy and 1 girl who already 7 month plus old. Last Feb I have no choice to send my twins to Infant Care at My First School because I have to return to work to support financially. Till now I feel guilty towards them because I unable to be with them whenever they at IFC. So of course when I with them, naturally I want to be 100% there, do all stuff with them. I stay with parents in law. My MIL always complain to my husband that I never let her carry my twins, after that, he always scold me. Like example yesterday, I put my son at rocker, she took him out and carry. I never say anything. I just want to take him away cause I need to feed my son water as he has bad cough and drink less milk. Then at night, I bathing another twin, she ask my husband if I around in the room, because if I not around she able to carry and hold them. I just feel so angry towards her. Im their mother, but I cant decide anything for them.

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Lmao my in laws love to snatch baby away and carry her out of my sight too! But for me is because I dont stay with them and I dont like them so I only let them see baby once a month! Whenever I’m there MIL will fkin love to carry baby out of my sight despite baby crying badly! I make it clear my baby you dont fkin carry her out of my sight when she crying and dont snatch with me! She dont want then y’all better leave her alone! You really just gotta voice out for yourself! As for your husband tell him fk off he dont understand how does it feel as a mom!

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