Hi mummies, I'm in sales line and my boss "threatened" that if I get pregnant, he will redeploy me and jeopardize my appraisal for promotion and commission. As we were asked to do annual medical checkup by company but I just found out that I'm pregnant. Therefore, I do not wish to let my boss/ company to know at this moment to be reflected in the health report. Is there any advise or ways to do it?

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I agree that if there are practices in your company that go against MOM guidelines, you can report your boss. This is just my personal opinion, because my job is also very physically demanding, and there was no option for me to “take it easy” at my workplace or be redeployed to do less strenuous tasks... tell your boss about the pregnancy. Get redepolyed. It’s okay. Take the 9 months to be in a less stressful and physically demanding environment. The baby is way more precious, and the pregnancy can be so draining/painful. Also my personal opinion.. being pregnant doesn’t mean your quality of work is worse than those who aren’t pregnant. I worked really really hard and got recognised for it. I also got a compliment letter during my pregnancy. Today happens to be International Women’s Day. Go show the world what you can do as a pregnant woman. And congratulations on having a baby! ❤️

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U can report to MOM. If it's black and white threaten, u can do so immediately. There's no way u can hide the pregnancy and if pregnant he really re-deploy u and don't pay u as ur deserved salary - go to MOM. It's like F*** u in his face to even say such stuff. Frankly, I won't even wana work for him. Get ur money this time and leave. The most important thing in working life is not the money, it's the boss u choose to follow

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there isn't any way to hide if there is a medical check up as using urine, they will be able to find out you are pregnant. Is your job a very high stress level job? If yes, you may want to really inform your boss about this pregnancy? Hiding the pregnancy along with the stress level which you face at work, will not do your body and baby any good.

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7y ago

Annual checkup before 2017. Appraisal and commission payout in end jan.

No one should be terminated or have their position jeopardized because if pregnancy. Agree that you should check with mom and report him if needed. Working with such a boss won't be good in future when your baby comes out. I will also report him to HR or at least talk to him about issue. Suggest if you can to slowly find a new job

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If you are planning to leave after maternity, just report them to MOM. Might keep them in check during this period so they don’t get too nasty (if they feel that you are a softie who won’t retaliate, they might go from bad to worse).

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I honestly think your boss can’t do so. Plus he will be implicated by MOM, he might be trying his luck only. This is a happy thing, don’t hide it. Cause eventually he will know .

Dear, please go and make a report then. This is totally unacceptable. How can your supervisor threaten you. This is your personal life. I mean '' excuse me"

4y ago

I would think with his mindset, he will make things difficult for u now that you are pregnant. Unfortunately can't hide for long. Meantime try to get a new job and quickly leave. No point working for such a boss and company.

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But cant hide forever. Got to face it one day. Recognise that there are ways to be penalised which MOM cant help and not all boss are pro family.

Please try to get a black and white letter or email from your boss mentioning the above. it will be easier for you to report with evidence.