Hi mummies, I'm in sales line and my boss "threatened" that if I get pregnant, he will redeploy me and jeopardize my appraisal for promotion and commission. As we were asked to do annual medical checkup by company but I just found out that I'm pregnant. Therefore, I do not wish to let my boss/ company to know at this moment to be reflected in the health report. Is there any advise or ways to do it?

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If it was me, I'll tell him off. I mean no matter what it is you can't threaten your staff to not get pregnant.

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Thanks mummy! I would like to do so too. However, my deserved commission and job lies in his hands. As much as i wanted to leave the job, i worked so hard for my job and exceeded the target given to get the commission yet he is using this(commission and my job) to "threaten" me. Therefore im thinking of hiding the pregnancy until i have gotten my commission in end Jan.

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If the practices your company goes against MOM regulation, I wouldn’t hesitate to report to MOM.

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Go through the annual check. There is a chance that annual check doesn't include pregnancy test.


Please inform your boss you are pregnant and see what's reaction/plan then act accordingly.

This kind of boss ... must as well don't work for!!! So unreasonable

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Is your sales job regulated by association ? Can report to the association

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Please report to MOM, your boss's attitude is unacceptable!:(

ignore if he persist, approach mom to report ur management.

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Check with your HR to tell that it’s not legal to do so