How soon do you tell boss you’re pregnant again?

I found out I’m pregnant again after a year my first baby is born. It is not planned, but I’m happy as all baby is a blessing. I’m just quite worried my colleagues or boss will judge me that I got pregnant again as I sort of feel it was too soon. I’m kinda overthinker. Has anyone has the same experience? Do you tell you’re boss as soon as you know you’re pregnant or wait some more time?

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I did told my colleagues and boss abt my pregnancy.. my 2nd was just 8 mth old n we were blessed with a third.. they were shocked and im sure they all did talk abt it behind my back but who cares hahhaahhah

Such a blessing! Congrats... i guess it could be abit stressful at times when u r an overthinker (like me) ... but when its time to tell, u should so that your boss can plan earlier for your absence.

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Depends on your conpany and boss. My company is quite family friendly, so I know my boss would not mind. But in your case if you think your boss will be annoyed, then wait to pass first trimester

I also haven't tell as i just crossed first tri. Also my colleague just lost hers. This makes it exceptionally hard to say. Im also waiting for nipt results

I told during my 1st trimester