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Are you stay home mommy that looking after ur baby? Did your hubby help you With the baby when he back from work or he will say he free work super tired waN to rest? Why husband will always think that taking care of bb is an easy job compare to working. I sick also have to take care of my baby but he sick he can rest, I work 24hrs without any good sleep but he can sleep without waking up every hrs to see the baby. I am so tired and feeling so alone. This child don't belong to me alone Jus bcoz he is earning money so he no need to help with the baby?

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I feel u too! I have a selfish husband as well who keep saying he needs to work. When I had e-c sect needed more rest but he is sleeping away instead of helping out to take care lo. My wound just keep split open. The pain is unbearable. I feel lonely too..

Perhaps you can have a good chat with your hubby, telling him that by helping with handling your baby can build strong bonds between the both of them too.. Yes, my hubby does help out with house chores and handling our daughter when he is around..

Yes. My husband help me with the baby when he’s at home after work and during off day. He even help me do the housework when he’s free. You should talk to your husband about this. You shouldn’t be the only one doing all this thing.

I'm sorry to hear your husband doesn't help. Please try talking to him and explaining how tired you are and that you need a break. Is getting a helper an option? even part time help?

You need to talk to him. Don't let this brew inside you - men are simple creatures so he may not even realise. Can always start with asking for few hours at the weekend

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I’m a SAHM too. He helps out upon my request as he’s working from home. But I’m thankful that he volunteers to take the night shift daily to co-sleep with baby.

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I have the same feeling too sometime.. and I can't just tell him as he would just say I'm so tired. Sometime just feel exhausted without his mentally care.

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Same. But I’m used to it. Maybe you can talk to him and let him take over for a few hrs during the weekend while you unwind. Go out alone for a few hrs.

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My Husband and me came up with clear timetable and structure so don’t need to fight. Just follow timetable about whose shift :)

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Husband helped out on wkends so i can hv free time to run errand plus takin break on wkends