Mummies are so tired looking after baby. I am happy looking after my lo and also at the same time feel so sleepy.Like so long haven't got a good sleep. Haha trying my best to give all my attention to lo. My husband so good life, can play game after work then sleep ,next morning go work come.home do the same things over again. Always tell my husband that I am very tired.... then he will say he work also very tired.. aiyo.... speechless.. my lo is going to 5 months now. Sometime I feel so happy to take care of him sometime I feel so drained out by him. Is it normal?

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Hi fellow mummy! Yes it's perfectly normal. Well, i am a mother of two now, i really don't know what is sleep now. Been sleep depreived for so long. Give your baby some more months, soon they will be able to sleep more and longer during the night thus you will be able to feel more rested. Hang in there P.S - It's pretty common for husband to be like this. They don't know how tiring it is looking after children

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Perfectly normal dear, you are not the only one. Don't worry too much. I guess we all have our good and bad days. I'm sure hubby has his fair share of stuffs at work too. He should allocate sometime to help you out. For instance, a 30min break when he comes home, in order for you to take a nice bath and have an undisturbed meal. something as simple as this really helps to rejuvenate.

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