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Nalika Unantenne, Singapore

Household goddess of 2 handsome little heart throb

About Nalika Unantenne

Sibling Fights

How to stop sibling fights? Any tried and tested methods?
Let them go through the motion. When they need you they’ll come to you and that’s when you can start using these as teachable moments to guide and do deep talks ◡̈
What are some of the most obvious signs of a baby's growth spurt?
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How is myopia treated? And does it have long-lasting effects on a child's eyesight?
In addition to the above answers, some forms of vision correction for myopia are spectacles, contact lenses, refractive surgery and orthokeratology. With traditional spectacles and contact lenses,
Should I worry about a cavity in my 6 year old son's tooth?
Take the child to a dentist to see if the decay is deep and if your child needs to get it filled. Chances are, the dentist will recommend to leave the tooth be as it is due to fall out soon. Ensure th
What's the best way to tackle a relative who has an opinion on everything related to the way I bring up my children?
The best way to tackle your relatives opinion is thank them and give them the valid source about why you raise your children that way.
How many of you have "nannycams" to keep an eye on your helper while you are at work?
For security reasons, yes. I've placed hidden cameras in my baby's room and public areas of the house – like the living room, kitchen and dining room.
Is fever in a newborn always dangerous?
Fever is a sign of infection. You should worry if the temprature more than 38C. If you breastfeed, go give your baby as many breastmilk as you can before you go to doctor. Hug him and don't forget ski
What's the best way to get rid of baby acne? Can I use a gentle medicated cream?
Like Idza's friend, my friends mostly use breast milk for baby acne as well. Just apply a few drops to the spots. Another one tried this mixture: one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of lemon j
How can you tell the difference between a blocked duct and mastitis?
Mastitis is due to an infection (almost always due to bacteria rather than other types of germs) that usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers. However it can occur in any woman, even if she is not bre
How do you stop children from fighting with each other all the time? Mine drive me crazy most days with the squabbling!
It's part and parcel (and I feel, half the fun) of having siblings because no matter how much we argue or fight, we will always be bonded by blood and love. We used to drive my mother crazy too with a