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Just needed a place to rant.. my husband is getting lazier in terms of looking after our baby.. I'm the one who carried out all the night duties (change daiper and make milk). He basically just sleep like a log.. fyi I'm also working as well.. when he reaches home after work or during weekend he also hardly helps out.. maybe just awhile and he will stick to his phone.. he even commented that our baby is very difficult to take care.. he even commented that our baby only knows how cry, drink milk and sleep.. this breaks my heart when he made that remark.. you don't even spend time to take care of him and understand him and yet you make that remark.. Sometimes i just feel very tired and very angry with my husband.. Finish ranting..

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Hi there mama, My heart goes out to you. Please try to communicate what and how you’re feeling to your hubby. While it is true that, babies are not an easy addition to the family, it is also important for couples to communicate. Some husbands may find themselves at a loss when it comes to baby as they are detached throughout the process of birth as well as raising baby. Because the whole process involves a woman’s body mostly, they may find it difficult to be emotionally invested. There may be something he’s not telling you too. I’m not making excuses for him either okay? Just think that you two should have a heart to heart because you need his support. Parenting is tough enough, no need to make it tougher. Your child needs his father. If it’s difficult for both of you to communicate, get someone to mediate for you. Stay strong mama. You’re doing an amazing job.

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