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twins boys Mildstone card
Any mommy here Preg with twin boy, I got 1 set of Mildstone card for twin boy I would like to give away ( new ). If u interested pls let mi know or go to my carousell acc to ask Carousell : angie_gary
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So nice of you!
sleep with swaddle
hi mommy, how do u train ur bb to sleep without wrapping
I place a pillow with beans on her tummy to give her sense of security
stay home mommy
Are you stay home mommy that looking after ur baby? Did your hubby help you With the baby when he back from work or he will say he free work super tired waN to rest? Why husband will always think tha
I feel u too! I have a selfish husband as well who keep saying he needs to work. When I had e-c sect needed more rest but he is sleeping away instead of helping out to take care lo. My wound just keep
I fee you dear. These kind of hubby is such a selfish man.
You need to talk to him. Don't let this brew inside you - men are simple creatures so he may not even realise. Can always start with asking for few hours at the weekend
I’m a SAHM too. He helps out upon my request as he’s working from home. But I’m thankful that he volunteers to take the night shift daily to co-sleep with baby.
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Same. But I’m used to it. Maybe you can talk to him and let him take over for a few hrs during the weekend while you unwind. Go out alone for a few hrs.
refuse to drink milk
my 2 months old bb recently refuse to finish her milk, always drink halfway she will start crying and don't wN drink anymore.Anybody know why she will behave like this?
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Yeah, it's important to know if you baby is drinking breastmilk or formula. As your baby grows, they simply could be drinking fasted in the frist few minutes and then getting bored. If your baby is be
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BF or formula? If BF maybe try to change timing of feed, if formula try switching to new formula?
This is very normal for babies. They are generally fussy in drinking milk. But it always good to burp them first and also monitor their milk drinking patterns
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Try carry her up to burp her first?
This happen to my baby too. the whole feeding session took an hour. I burped her once she start rejecting the milk and will continue after awhile. it seems to be part of her growth spurt. Baby was bac
Making baby sleep
My 2 month old baby always wan carry then can sleep & every night nuts sleep on my arm. Any mommy have same problem like me & how do you solve it...
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I need to know too! He keeps crying
mine too! it's a phase.. they'll grow out of it
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I used to carry my baby till she’s asleep. Then I’ll put her in her cot.
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Mine too! It's quite normal apparently. You can watch this video. It tells you some tips😊I am also going to try them out.
My tactics is to use automatic baby bouncer with soft vibrations or baby music and i downloaded an app Baby Sleep and play it to make baby fall asleep, usually i will wrap my baby with swaddle (make s