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Hihi. Just curious if anyone has same issue as me and how you go about solving it. During this circuit breaker, I need to work from home and take care of my little one which is 7mth old (his nap time is around 30min only?) . So I am living with my in law (thanks goodness) so they do help to take care of my little one especially my MIL. All of us work from home, but me and my MIL work are more flexible (as long as we got our work done, at times have meetings). I feel abit unfair as my husband keeps saying he has work to do and he didn't really help to take care of the baby. I means we all work from home too and we have work to do, not only him. He ends work at 730pm then he has dinner. After which baby already went to sleep or going to. So he only did one last feed before 12am. He does help take care awhile here and there when he has a break though but I thought he should give more time to take care of baby so me and my MIL can do our work too. He also reluctant to bath the baby, change diaper, change her clothes. Not only I need to take care of her, I need to pump, do midnight duty, and rushing work (haven't done much for the past 2months!!!) too. Sounds like I am ranting a lot but why do I feel so unfair????

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Hi mummy, suggest to try to communicate with your husband. Can start by small tasks first. Hang in there!! Stay strong!!

Super Mum

It’s indeed unfair since you also need to work. You need to talk to your husband about your feelings and that you need his help to take care of baby too. If he is uncomfortable or scared to take on certain duties like bathing, he can try to do other things. Have a hourly schedule to split the duties so that you can work too.

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