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Hi semua. I'm new. I'm 24. Have missed my period for 21 days. Did some pregnancy test tapi negative (actually got 2 lines but the other one blurry- according to the test guide it should be negative). But I did do check-up with doc, and he said that it's still tiny but it's there (since baru 4weeks so it's hard to see on the ultrasound) so he say that I'm pregnant. However, I still don't think that I'm pregnant (feel mcm tidak yakin) cause I don't have this pregnancy symptoms. I'm so confused, I don't know what to believe. Do I need help or something? Any thoughts? Thank you ?❤️

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Saya dari awal sampai dah bersalin takde symptom macam orang pregnant. Jadi bila doc dah sahkan sis pregnant just jaga diri leklok. Jangan angkat benda berat, pasti tido cukup, makan minom cukup tuk pembesaran baby. Memang 4w kalo scan tak nampak pon. Saya scan time 5w pon nmpk dot kecik je macam ladybird tu. 7-8w in shaa Allah nampak kantung, janin n heartbeat baby da

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