The one thing I'm proud of is being a parent at my young age, I'm so proud because 9 months I carried my own child without a man by my side and I can prove to other single mother out there that you actually don't need a man to stay alive, you can be independent you raise your own child, pay your own bills and pay for their school fees.I am 16 years old and a single mother, yes some people may say I should've continued my studies and abort the baby but I choose my own future. I can both raise the baby and chase my dreams, all I need is time and support. I'm so greatful I have supportive parents, they support me in a way that nobody else can. I'm happy because, I made it step by step. I have servere depression, I always feel down, sad always feel like hurting myself but after I get to know I'm pregnant, I feel like I need to battle this alone. Its pretty hard you know, like to do everything alone, handle the pain alone, late night cries alone no one by yourside. The envy and jealousy of seeing a happy family makes me very depressed, but eventually I tell myself that I can be both for my son,I know its twice the pain, twice the tears, twice the struggles but It's also twice the hugs, twice the happiness and twice the love.I'm proud of myself, I feel like I'm a heroin who doesn't wear cape. I'm happy I've made the right decision and chose the path I wanted to go. Some people out there may judge about my choice , but they don't know about my reason and its fine. I don't care what the outside world is gonna say, but all I know is I can be the best for my child. I'm proud of all the single parents out there who suffers alone, I'm glad that you made the right decision too. Now, I'm currently 37weeks 3days pregnant and my due is 24/8/2020. Wish me the best, I can't wait to see my baby boy. Thank you for listening to my story. #TAPxHANDMADEHEROES

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good luck

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good luck❤