Am I really pregnant?

I am supposedly about 7 weeks pregnant but I do not have normal symptoms that preg women usually have. Checked with a doctor when I was 5 weeks, but can't see the whatever things that should be seen. She did say it's possible to see/not. I am just curious, is it possible for me to not feel anything other then my breast feels tender and sometimes sore? (The docs ask me to check with an expensive preg test. I did and it comes positive but still could'nt believe it. First pregnancy and all)

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Tulis jawapan

it depends on the people itself. sometimes they have the symptoms, sometimes not. Don't worry. Go and have a scan when 8-10 weeks pregnancy. if your urine test positive, should be at that time you can see the baby and set expected date when to deliver the baby. Don't worry, I don't have the symptoms too, but I got the sign when I missed my period and the urine test is positive. Go book an appointment with government clinics to open maternity book

Baca lagi
2y ago

Hi, i gave birth already on March.