Trying to be pregnant again

My first and second pregnancies are successful. Now they're 11 years of age for the boy and 7 years of age for the girl. When my youngest aged 5, i was pregnant again for the 3rd one but i lost it on it's 10th weeks because i slipped on the street. ? I was very devastated. Then we're trying to conceive again and still devastated because i lost it again on it's 5th weeks. My miscarriage happened on March 13th. I asked my doctor if i still have the chance to have a successful pregnancy and when will the best time to conceive again. She said, at least wait 2 to 3 months. But if i feel i'm ready, i still can conceive after 2 weeks of miscarriage. Now, i'm about 7 days late and i'm having some symptoms like headaches, nausea, backpain and cramping but i haven't check it yet using upt. I'm really hoping that i'm pregnant but i'm afraid to check it because i'm afraid the result might disappoints me again. ? is there anyone experienced same as i do? when is the best time to use your UPT at home?

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same here. i have 7days missed period. i want to check it but sy pun risau how if kptsn dia mengecewakan..😔

5y ago

me too takot kecewa bila check huhu

The best time u check urine time pagi sis..sblum breakfast..hope ada good news..

5y ago

okey sis,tq..i hope so❤️❤️

Just checked it this morning. and it's negative... 😭