Working after deliver the baby.

Hi. I want to get opinion from u'll. 1st, i'm unemployment since I know i'm pregnant. Then I decide to find the job after deliver my baby. My husband now doing intern and will end before my due date. I'm not sure he want to find a proper job or just stay & help his parents at food stall. However for me, I don't like & feel uneasy. maybe some of u know the feel stay with family in laws. Besides, this area very hard to find the job. When I said to my hubby that I want to find the job after deliver, & I don't know where the place it, and I want him to follow me too. but he don't want. he said he, I can go by myself with the baby. i'm very sad. what should I do?

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lol same here.. my parents ask me and my husband to find a new job at their place but my husband did not wanted too it is because he's mama boy although i'm not living with Parent In-Law but i feel uncomfortable too..My family In-Law kinda sensitive with "financial" especially when my husband got an extra salary..Idk what else to say , i was on argument early this year because of that with his beloved SISTERS .. 3VS1

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Jnji l'uml'umol Nujkkl Jj . Pk O

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