hi, SAHM does your mil ask you for money every month? she ask me for money every month when hubby gets pay. Hubby bring home merely $1.5k.. We are staying with ILs. She never fails to ask me to give money go my FIL every single month even when I told her that we are paying bank loan of $300 every month. Plus Minus expenses, we really have nothing left. So my parents always help me out by giving me money and all. But my parents never ask money from me before even though they help us every month. I feel that it is unfair if I give my ILs but not my parents.. What do you think?

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Me n my hub r living with my parents...they will expect us to give them some money to cover extra expenses at home... now that my bb is coming out...we will auto give more as my mom has to stop working to look after LO for us... I think to cover some expense at home..its necessary la...

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My parents also expect me to give them money. They believe that it’s only right since they raised me and paid for my education, etc. So I think this is between your husband and his parents..if he feels that he really doesn’t have much, he may need to tell them himself.

Maybe your inlaw is in tight financial as well as 3 of are staying with her , electricity / water bill might be unaffordable for her? I wont give her money but i will ask my hubby to help to by some of the household bill like internet, sp power?

Borrow money from your in laws so they will know that you guys are tight on cash. Also, when you borrow from them, they will be afraid of you asking to borrow even more from them in future, instead of asking you to give allowance to them.

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even if i'm working, i don't give both side of parents cause i told them i can't even sustain monthly with the amount of money combine wth my husband. They were understanding enough. so usually cny i give them a bigger red packet

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yes.. thats my point.. I'm not able to maintain both sides.. so I do not want to give both sides.. most of the time I eat at my parents place, only back to IL home to sleep and wash clothes... but my mil don't seem to understand...

If you are finding it difficult to survive then you and your husband could discuss and reduce the amount you are giving. Your ILs are a part of the family and they should understand, the same way your parents understand.

We all should settle our own parents, he settle his parents, and I settle my parents. you should talk to your husband. when my mil ask for money, I always tell her nicely you should go ask from your son!

2y ago

Haha ya n tell her u didn't raise me after all! 😂

ask your hub deal with his own mum. for my case, my hub give allowance to his parents while I give to my parents... each take care of our own parents ourselves. less argument even btw us

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Every family is different. But i guess if your inlaw is not well to do and you and hb staying with them, they prob need the money to cover daily expenses like utilities and meals.

How much is she asking u Let her know ur situation Cos from how I see, u can’t save much at all U need to plan for kids education and your retirement That’s v unfair to u

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