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Staying tgt with mil because we have not apply for bto (marriage is unstable, preg before married) Mil asking me for allowance while the son is not giving her a single cent. Initially she ask me how much i can contribute i told her $150 and one day i told her i might be able to increase the amount and following month she ask me for $200 cos I say I will give. Suck it up gave her $200. But my job contract is ending in a few days time and she never thought whether I have enough for myself still pestering me with giving her money. ( I felt cheated tbh, i had financial issue before I got married she assure me that she wont ask for money from her chikdren as she know it's not easy to survive nowadays. Fyi she's earning 6k a month. Sil hired a helper to take care of the dog at home. Shortly after I gave birth, mil wants to change helper so the new helper can take care of my baby. When helper arrived she told helper to take care of my needs and baby needs, housework and put on hold. But 1 year later, when the helper helping me to do my things she scolded the helper and tell the helper to rmb who is her paymaster LOL was super taken aback. I don't usually use the helper unless I really need help.) What should i do? I have my own committments (bills, debt, baby, insurance) How do I tell her that she should take money from her son too and not always pestering me with paying up? I feels like a tenant at the house tbh. (My parents know about it and feels that is not my job to pay for the allowance as my hubs is not paying a single cent, what do you guys think?) After my this job ends I'll only be paid 1.2k before cpf deduction so I really don't know what to do..

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I agree as a man n husband. He should share responsibility. I think you should talk to your husband first. if he’s unable to communicate with you. I would upfront to mil and talk things out. “Hey mom I would like to discuss with you, please hear me out, as you know covid situation. I’m unable to give you at this amount, I have shortage as saving up for BTO/ kid’s School n other expenses. My salary is not high, I’m pretty tight right now. I will just give you what I can. I don’t ask for anything, I hope you can understand my situation . “ Maybe try talking “soft” method with her 🙂 You are doing great!!

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