MIL or infant care?

Right from the beginning, my MIL said that she don’t want to take care of my baby. Reason is that she was tired taking care of my SIL’s kid and she don’t want to lose her freedom/wants to go for holidays. She even told me and my hubby to have only 1 kid cos it’s a lot of hard work taking care of a baby/kid. Now that my maternity leave is ending and I have already looked for an infant care centre and put a deposit, my MIL suddenly said that she wants to take care of my baby until he turns 18 months then put in childcare. Should I take up her offer or still stick to infant care? TBH I am worried that my baby will fall sick often in infant care. He is also very active. But I am worried that my MIL will change her mind again. She is also taking care of my SIL’s kid (He falls sick often too.) Confused mummy here. What should I do?

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Ifc. I let my mil to take care of my baby until she turns 5 months then only send to ifc. As I think below 5 months is too young and I want my baby at least can roll over before sending to ifc.

Infant care better to avoid future conflicts. Now she say she can help take care but confirm in the long run will come conflicts. You mention she also taking care of another grandchild right? It will be even more tiring for her.

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Infant care to prevent future conflict too

Infant care. Your mil sounds problematic to be honest 😣and there are bound to be conflicts when mil take care, like me now. Cant agree with the way she takes care and the things she say to my baby. People say babies can learn better and have fun at infant care. Although they sure will fall sick more..

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IFC. Could invite conflicts with MIL and by then you may have lost a place in IFC.

Infant care.. if baby sick or infant care closes on certain days can ask MIL to take care for the day

Infant care to avoid conflicts with MIL. If baby falls sick, can send to her as an alternative. But rather be once a while than depend on her everyday — she may use this against you in the future.

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Definitely infant care. What if she change her mind again? Then you cannot find get a place for your baby! Since she wants freedom then give her!! And to avoid conflict 🤞

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