What would u do if u found out your husband cheat on you?

Recently, my married girlfriends talked to me about their marriage life. Some of the husbands cheat on wives when the wives pregnant, just deliver baby or.. Decide to be a house wife / back to chiong for career. At first it is all started with 1 ..and slowly become a handful of them get cheated. To a point i am thinking, what the heck are all these men doing? Cant they respect women?? I told my girlfriends to try to save as much money as possible (especially those who is a housewife), get a parttime or a freelance job, start something small, make use of ecommerce platforms such as shopee, lazada, carousell, and many more, fight for their rights, get more evidence about the cheating and show it to the courts.. Make sure baby and she get what they deserved. ??? so pissed. Well, what do you think? One of my girlfriend said she is ok to close 1eye. And im like..... nooooo how can u!! ????

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I think is about the relationship, of cause as a woman we need our own living hood income... if anything happens we don’t need to depend on husband income

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Probably the reason why they are able to close one eye is cause of their child. Being a Mother tends to think more for the child rather than themselves.

This is why women need to have savings of their own. And never close one eye to this situation.

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tell ur gf, this kind of thing cannot close one eye!!

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Close one eye?! Are they serious:( No way!

Sad to hear that...