husband asking you to eat what he likes?

Hi. Just wanted to ask if it's common for husbands wanting their wives to eat what they like during pregnancy. I mean there are certain things that I won't have appetite just by looking at it but it will probably be something my husband likes. It tends to piss him off a little when I don't ask him what he likes the baby to try. And he feels that I only feed what I like to eat to the baby apparently. I'm very confused. Am I the selfish one here ? Do other mums encounter this as well? Please help me with some tips on how to make my partner feel that he is also part of this. Thank you.

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I didn’t experience this as my husband lets me eat what I want or like as long as it’s healthy. How can your husband ask you to eat what he likes so that the baby will like it? He can do that in future when baby is weaned. To make him more involved, you can try asking your husband to research on strollers, read up on how to take care of mummy now and baby in future, sign up for prenatal classes etc

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I never experienced this before hub just ask me to eat whatever i feel like cos i am preggy. And i hate potatoes it's my hub fav i just ate alot during pregnancy he didnt ask me to eat too. It depend on individual pregnancy on the appetite. Maybe you can google about it and let your hub understand?