Hair Wash & Cut

Can preg let hair salon wash hair because normally they will also give some head massage?

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I myself hairstylist is alright to have head massage but comfortable strength will be good of cos sometimes they will advise not to. Because afterall there a baby inside you, they are afraid that anything might happen.

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When I went for the haircut, they were extra gentle to me, seeing that I’m pregnant. It was a relaxing scalp massage and it feels good.

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Yes can. Been going to salon every few months for hair color and they massage . Baby is healthy even now at my last leg of trimester.

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Hair wash is alright but preferably not for head massage.

Just go for normal hair wash is fine. :)

Can let them know to skip the massage

yes can. But preferably dont massage


Yeah just skip the massage

Better not massage

Super Mum

Yes nothing wrong