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Any recommendations for hair salons which uses pregnancy-safe products? For a typical hair treatment (for dry hair) and a decent hair wash & cut?

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I don’t believe have any such product. Even if you’re using pregnancy safe products in salon, can u ensure the customers inside the salon using pregnancy safe products (rebonding, color, perm, etc) for themselves while you’re sitting there? You’ll be inhaling all the chemicals circulating around. So what’s the point if u use and others don’t?

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U may want to try out Ecorganics at Thomson Ridge. It's best to avoid any hair dye or chemical treatment like rebonding, etc during pregnancy. Do it after your baby is delivered if you can bear with it.

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There is no such thing as pregnancy safe product. .. It all depends on how u look at it. Believe it or not as long it does not touch your Scalp with the chemical is ok.

You can try beechoo.. My pregnancy i also go there treatment my hair. They using product that is safe for pregnancy.

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Try Jean Yip...

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Go to Karva.