newborn infant taking taxi / grab

Hi parents. Just wondering if there is a restriction for newborn infants to take grab? Does the child required car seat or somthing :/

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If you indicate when you book on the Grab app its ok as they will only accept if possible. Otherwise, normal taxi (not private hire) will be OK (or you can carry your own).

Super Mum

Hi! Below I yr old I think it should nt be a problem. I just take normal grab. After 1yr old you can take grabfamily. They will provide chd seat for your child. :)

Below 1 year old cannot take grab. No grab should accept... can only take taxi.

If need to grab, remb to indicate got newborn, so that drivers are aware

ComfortDelGro can but not for Grab unless u bring your own car seat

Yes-need carseat if u take grab No need if u are taking taxi

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No restriction for taxi, you need to have car seat for grab

Super Mum

You need a car seat for Grab. Taxi is fine.

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Only taxi allow, grab requires baby seater

Yes.. need car seat U can take taxi though