Can A 3 Month Old Take Grab With Car seat?

Just now when I took Grab the driver told me babies under 1 year old cannot take private hired vehicles ie Grab, must take normal taxi. I never heard of such law, I thought as long as we have a car seat it's OK to take grab. Is there really such a law?

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if u provide ur own car seat then i think grab shouldnt be a problem. but if u dont have a car seat then u can only book for normal taxi. thats what happen to me, uncle told me nicely that grab private cars are not allowed to fetch babies below one.

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only private taxi or family grab

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As long as you have a car seat, it's OK to take grab. I took grab with a car seat before, many times. No issue.

Yes you can't take normal grab or even hitch. Can check out online their policies. Only normal standard taxi or grab family.

2y ago

From what I know cannot take. Cant rmb where the info I read was from.

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Yes. They have the option grab family.

2y ago

but i think that one for one year old and above children.

Yes, you can only take taxi or grab family car.

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FYI, clarified before with grab as long as you bring your own car seat then it is fine.

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With car seat u can take grab. I clarified with grab before.

With Car seat caaaan i have been doing it

Taxi better