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Hi mummies, My hubs and I dont drive. Most of the time we take bus/train/ Grab. Just wanna know how do u all travel from place to place with baby? And in the event we need to take Grab or cab, how do u manage to get one as I heard Grab need a baby car seat. I also heard they got the Grab family, can we trust the hygiene of their baby car seat? Thank you for sharing! 😊❤️ PS. Most of the time I will be travelling without my hubs, just wanna learn from experienced mummies how u all manage. Thx!

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I always travel alone with baby stroller diaper bag and myself. usually I will grab and text the driver let them know if they are ok with it. or I wil just take taxi. use a carrier carry baby and diaper bag. fold the stroller till you reach destination then you open it up.

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When not with my husband, I take cab with my LO; car seat is not required. Normal Grab can only take 1-year old babies PROVIDED you have your own car seat. Otherwise, Grab has the GrabFamily service that has standby car seats.

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You can buy a travel system with stroller and car seat, the car seat can be attached to the stroller as a seat. Car seat is a very important item as it's for the safety for our little ones. Can't be too careful

Had a Grab driver told me before, Grab doesn't encourage baby to take Grab, because if any accidents were to happen there is no insurance coverage by Grab. So we were advised to take Taxi.

doona!!!! I swear by it.convenient to take cab all coz it's a stroller and a car seat and it's easy to maneuver and compact. tried alottttt of strollers and this is this the best in my opinion.

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Is a doona worth is price? I really want to get one, but it seems like the baby will outgrow it in less than two years.

I use the ComfortDelgro app or Grab Taxi to book a ride. I prefer taking cab to private hirer cause they’re more experienced drivers and empathetic towards mummies with babies.

You can only take taxis with no need for child seat by carrying baby in a baby carrier and not private hires like grab or gojek which will require you to bring your own child seat.

I had doona when I go out alone with my LO as sometimes it is hard to get a cab. Otherwise if I didnt bring doona stroller with me, I will just wait for cab.

Hi. I usually travel alone in taxi. Grab you can only take after your baby is 1 year old.

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anyway taxi can claim insurance..

Take cab.. anything happen claimable.