Nausea plus feeling very hungry terrible mixed feeling!

Now I am into WK 10 of my pregnancy and during evening time I can't eat much less than half a meal and I have to stop. And the nauseous feeling is really terrible. I vomitted but next thing I felt is being very hungry. Feeling quite down and hope it goes away soon.

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Jiayou, my friend! I had very bad morning sickness too, I could only manage to force myself to eat a spoonful of rice every meal. Even brushing teeth made me vomit. It lasted till week 10 for me, so I hope it’ll be the same for you n your suffering will soon come to an end! Ps: I hope it gives you some consolation to know that your decreased food intake will not affect baby’s growth for now!

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3y ago

Thank u so much! Jia you to u too!


In Week 11, and the nausea has gotten worse for me instead of better. Told my gynae yesterday and he said, “that’s a good sign”. 😞 anyway hang in there sis. It will get better. Just remember to stay hydrated.

3y ago

Thanks sis! Hope u will feel better soon!

Been there. Try eating crackers. Just try to fill smtg inside tummy. Dont eat big portion. Just frequent eating. And water. You dont wnt to dehydrate yrself.

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Hopefully you will get better when you are into your 2nd trimester.. if you still wanna puke, maybe you can have some fruit drink.

Eat plain biscuit or bread. Or u can eat frequent smaller portion meals.

3y ago

Thanks for the suggestion!

Have you seen a doctor?

3y ago

I have seen my gynae when I was Wk 8. And going to see her tmr.

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Try salted biscuit

Eat biscuits