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Bread during confinement
Dear mommies, just curious if anyone has been advised NOT to eat bread during confinement? The reason given is that bread will cause bloating since our digestive system will be weakened after giving b
Hey, It should be fine if you are gluten tolerant. Else you can always have whole grain bread
Depends on whether you are gluten tolerant..?I can't take bread as it causes bloating..
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Didn't know. I ate
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no.. I did ate for breakie tho
Nope. It’s my first time hearing this.
FIL making fun of our child’s name
We recently informed my husband’s parents that we have decided on the English and Chinese names for our child. Being Chinese-ed, they complained that the English name was a mouthful, and my FIL even m
Only tell ppl the name when the baby is born
hi, mine was a bit diff. when im pregnant w my first daughter, my mother in law has a name for my baby but i alr got a name for my baby and i choose that name because have meaning and she always respo
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Fortunately, nobody made fun on my child's name. You have the right to name your baby as his parents. No matter what they say.
Faced similar issue. I even had the chinese name Feng shui calculated and the in-law still can make fun of it. I think it is rude. And my mil even ask can change or not. Sometimes they just nv think b
Hey, As long as you and your husband are happy with your child's name, it should be fine. Just don't think about it too much and be happy
When to start drinking young coconut water?
Currently 33 weeks. When can I start drinking young coconut water in preparation of birth?
Last trimester those green coconut is better
Can drink anytime.
Abt 34-35 weeks
3rd trimester
3rd trimester onwards
Craving food with salad veg
Hi all! Currently 10w +, and I have an immense craving for Subway sandwiches and Stuff’d burrito bowls, both containing a good amount of fresh salad veggies. I’m wary that salad greens sold outside ma
I had the same dilemma, my friend. So I resorted to eating subway n stuff’d burritos without any veggies to play safe 😂
Mayb homemade salad is safer
I havent had any side effects eating from those shops before even before pregnancy. And they are quite reputable too.. so i wont be worried about the hygiene part.
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I love the salads at Cedele. They're very wholesome and packed with veggies, grains and other yummy things.