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I have contractions yesterday at 4pm & 1am. They were frequent and the intervals are short especially at 1am. The contractions makes me feel like i want to poop or have a bad stomachache. Sorry if
coconut water
Help! I'll be induce on monday and last checked, my cervix is still close. Ive done alot of walking and taking dates. However, i was advise to take coconut water. Can i drink coconut water from t
Try eating pineapples. I heard it can induce labour easily!
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Best to drink from the fruit
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Better to drink from the husk. Take care!
Hi, take it from fruit/husk itself
Best is to drink directly from the husk itself
Dizziness during pregnancy
Anyone also facing the same issue? Im feeling so dizzy and light headed even when in lying down. I feel better when i sit up. But if i lie down even with high pillows, i feel so dizzy/light headed
Yes when transiting into second trimester, due to More blood supply gg to foetus, it will pass, gynae may prescribe iron pills
Ure in ur last trimester right? Check ur bp and with yr gynae
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I had that issue when I'm @ 1st tri. I sit up on bed w pillow behind my back and rest
Check ur BP and do inform your gynae. Mine prescribed iron tablets. She said it is normal as well.
Yes. I experienced it during 1st trimester. Gynae said it's normal. Gynae prescribed a type of medicine for it.
This is so random. Im suddenly craving for mooncake. Where can i get halal mooncake? Do they even sell if its not the festival yet? Sorry if the question ask is nonsense but i hardly eat mooncake an
The Durian Mookcakes from Four Seasons Hotel are Halal. Got mine at Century Square Atrium. There are a few halal ones too.
Home’s favourite mooncakes are halal certified. :)
Swensens, swee heng, polar, bengawan solo You can also try this place, Flavors of Durian ,Cempedak and mooncakes with yolks best to pre orders as stocks are snap out fast. Limited flavors left. To
U can go to tampines century sq. Theyre having mookcake fair. Got myself one halal low sugar one haha
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Some hotel’s moo cake are halal!
Raspberry Leaf Tea
Anyone consume raspberry leaf tea or dates to induce labour/shorten labour? Ive been recommended to take these to help with my labour which is coming soon in a few weeks. What is your advice? Does
I have tried it and somehow it helps.
I would rather have scientific proof of such claim. I’ll check with my doctor on this issue and see what science says.
I heard tt too. Six dates a day frm 36th wk. I think im gna try it soon😂
Best to consult gynae ba
Pls check with gyane
When is your EDD & have you know the gender? First time mum? Me - EDD Aug 2019. Baby girl. FTM!
Wow! Congratulations to you. Mine is beginning of oct’19 (the date always change when I go for check up), baby girl
Ftm too! And baby boy! Edd on 18 aug but baby is still happily snuggling in tummy😂
1/1/2020, baby boy. first time mum.
25oct19 baby girl. First time mummy
Is being induce painful than normal contractions? Doc advise that i will be induce due to some reasons in upcoming 2 to 3weeks. And im worried. Anything i can prepare myself mentally?
I don’t feel anything. Is the water bag burst that is the pain.
Nope don't stress yourself about it. Might be uncomfortable when they insert the pills but other than that, you really just lie down and wait for your water to break haha. Contraction pain is all the
Maternity Pads
Any recommendations for good maternity pads? TIA
1. Kotex overnight panties works and is very secure (but can be expensive as there’s only 2 in a box). 2. Sofy cooling sanitary pads, they have long ones with wings so it keeps it in place and I love
Kotex? I like to use kotex overnight panties